Free App to Provide Caller ID Info on Incoming External Calls

Here is another free app to show the name of an external caller on Cisco IP phones and Cisco Jabber.
The application is built with PHP and provided for free with the source code. It utilizes Cisco ECC (External Call Control) feature and CURRI (Cisco Unified Routing Rules XML Interface) API. Also, you need CUCM 10 and higher because the calling name modification feature is available in CURRI 10.0 only.

The CURRI is an XML/HTTP interface that was first introduced in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.0. It allows you to build applications that instruct CUCM how each call should be routed. The detailed overview of how it works is provided here.

The External Caller ID app uses this interface to modify the caller name during the incoming call. For example, when integrated with your CRM software, it retrieves the client name from SQL database and shows it on the IP phone display or in Cisco Jabber:
• the ECCP profile is configured in CUCM and assigned to phone lines;
• the incoming call to the specified phone lines causes Cisco UCM to issue a request to the “External Caller ID” web app;
• the application retrieves the caller name from SQL database (based on the calling number) and sends the call routing response, that contains the “Allowed” decision and the instruction on how to modify the calling name.
As a result you see the client name on your Cisco endpoint:

Cisco endpoint

Cisco endpoint

The application is provided by Aurus, the Cisco Solution Partner that develops software solutions on top of Cisco UC & Collaboration products. Their PhoneUP suite designed for Cisco UCM provides the comprehensive enterprise directory app, the call recording solution, the attendant console and more.

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