UCCX Partial Service Monitor

This took me a while to figure out so though i would put the solution i got to save some time next time

So had a status of “uccx-partial-service-monitor” and the following error messages in the logs:

7480: Sep 05 06:11:35.709 EDT %MIVR-SS_VOIPMON_SRV-3-VOIP_OPERATION_ERROR:VOIP subsystem operation error: Module Name=LRMConnection.readMSG: lrmHost: , lrmPort: 3000,A specific description for a trace= error is: ,Exception=java.io.EOFException
7481: Sep 05 06:11:35.709 EDT %MIVR-SS_VOIPMON_SRV-3-EXCEPTION:java.io.EOFException
7482: Sep 05 06:11:35.709 EDT %MIVR-SS_VOIPMON_SRV-3-EXCEPTION: at java.io.DataInputStream.readInt(DataInputStream.java:375)

Turn out no server was selected to do the monitoring:

Select Monitor Server

Select Monitor Server

Restarted the “Cisco Desktop License and Resource Manager Service” and “Default VOIP Monitor Service” from the “Control Center – Network Services” … seem to have fixed the issue

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