Phone Firmware upgrade

Phone Firmware upgrade

The below process to upgrade phone firmware has not failed me … yet, event after factory reset

1. Set up an SVI on the switch
2. Give your laptop an IP in the range and plug it in.
3. Plug the phone in to the same vlan
4. Set up DHCP on the switch for the same vlan
5. Set option 150 to your laptop IP and have tftpd32 running
6. Enable tftpd32 logging. You can then see the files the phone is searching for.

Get Cisco IP Phone Screen shot

1. In CUCM under User Management > End user find your login ID
2. Under Device Information > Controlled Devices assign the device you want to take a screen shot of
3. In a web browser go to http://ip_address_of_phone/CGI/Screenshot
4. Enter the User ID and password you have assign in step 1 and 2

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