CLI commands

Just scrap post for all cli commands for voice apps

General Trouble shooting

utils diagnose test
file get activelog platform/log/diag*

!Show’s the status of a port and what process is using it
show open ports regexp :22

High VM or CPU
show status
show process load

show process using-most memory
look for something like: -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError=/home/tomcat/ -XX:OnError=/home/tomcat/

CUCM specific

Get sdi of an active call. Run the command, one’s the call has been made press ctrl + c to stop the output
file tail activelog /cm/trace/ccm/sdi recent
For CUCM 9+
file tail activelog /cm/trace/ccm/sdl recent
List MOH files
file list activelog /mohprep/*
Get MOH file
file get activelog /mohprep/*.ulaw.wav
Display Live Packet capture signaling from CM to VG-
utils network capture eth0 port 5060 host ip
List all the *.xml files on the tftp
file list tftp *.xml
To SFTP the file off the server
file get tftp jabber-config.xml
Or you can http to it and download it

show uccx recordings space
show uccx recordings allowed

!show all the recording files
file list activelog uccx/recordings

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