CM Upgrade from 4.x to 8.x

Assumptions made:
1)New servers for CM
2)New IP address for CM

Find the upgrade path using path

Email give them your UCCS contract number and they will tell you which parts you need to order

Path: 4.1.3 -> 7.1(5b) -> 8.5

(1) Useing BARS make a backup

(2) Download and install the Upgrade Utility on each of the servers
(2-1) This will check the health of server before the DMA tool is run
(2-2) Run on the Publisher first then all the othere servers

(3) Download DMA tool and realase notes
Release Notes for Data Migration Assistant Release 7.1(3)
Data Migration Assistant User Guide Release 7.1(2)
Upgrading to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 7.1(2) from 4.x Releases

(4) Copy DataMigrationAssistant-7-1-5.exe to the c my documents
(4-1) Disable the Cisco Security Agent
(4-1) Under services change it to manual
(4-2) Double click on the install file. Follow the wizard
(4-3) DMA requires 4 GB of free disk space on the C
(4-4) Restart of the server is required after install
(4-5) Purge CAR data “CDR Analysis and Reporting Administration Guide”

(4-5-1) From Cisco Unified Serviceability, choose Tools > CDR Analysis and Reporting.
(4-5-2-1) If its the first time your login inthen use admin and admin
(4-5-2-2) In the CAR window, choose System > System Parameters > Admin Rights to assign a user as the CAR Admin
(4-5-3-1) Choose System > Database > Manual Purge
(4-5-3-2) In the Select Database field, choose the CAR or CDR database to manually purge.
(4-5-3-3) In the Select Table field, choose the table in the database that you want purged.
(4-5-3-4) Click the Table Information button.
(4-5-3-5) click the Close button.
(4-5-3-6) In the Delete records field, choose a date that will determine which records will
(4-5-3-6) be purged
(4-5-3-7) Click the Purge button to delete all records older/between the dates that you specified.
(4-5-3-8) A prompt advises you that you are about to permanently delete the specified
(4-5-3-8) records.
(4-5-3-9) Click the OK button to purge the records or click the Cancel button to abort the
(4-5-3-9) purge operation.

(4-6) Make sure the AC file exist. If they dont copy them from sub.
C:\Program Files\Cisco\Communications ManagerAttendant\etc\
C:\Program Files\Cisco\Communications ManagerAttendant\etc\DialRules.xml

(4-7) Start DMA
(4-7-1) Start > Programs > Cisco Data Migration Assistant > Cisco DMA.
(4-7-2) When prompted, log in as the Windows Administrator
(4-7-3) From the Data Migration Assistant menu bar, choose Export > Pre-Export Tasks
(4-7-4) Export > Storage Location
(4-7-4) select where the tar file will be save (min 500MB)
(4-7-4) select where the lic file will be saved
(4-7-5) click Update
(4-7-6) Export > Export Data
(4-7-7) Click Start Export Now.
(4-7-8) you can view the process at C:\Program Files\Cisco\Trace\DMA\Progress\AllProgress.log
(4-7-9) Warrning can be ignore if you want but error you cannot and must be fixed

(4-8) Fixing errors and warrning
C:\Program Files\Cisco\Trace\DMA
Errors Log (DMAErrors.log) Must be fixed
Warnings Log (DMAWarnings.log) Should be fixed

(5) Boot up new server with CM 7 DVD in the tray
(5-1) Start CM 7 server install
(5-2) Apply apgade patch to 7.1(5b)
(5-3) After upgrade patch is installed and server restarts at the “Windows Upgrade window”, import data from a Windows version select “Yes”
(5-4) You the go through the normal server configuration (NIC. NTP, DNS etc)
(5-4-1) The IP address/Hostname on the new servers will overide the Hostname/IP address in the DMA data
(5-5) You will at the end be asked for the ftp/sftp location of the DMA data (Note incorrect username/password will only be detected 45 min into the install and will be asked then to re-enter it)
(5-6) On CM through the CLI do “show status” to get the LIC MAC address
(5-7) Go to to get the LIC file
(5-8) On CM change the imported Subscriber IP address/Hostname to new one and reboot

(6-1) Go to one of the part they will have asked you to order has the part code “CM8.5-K9-UPG” Description “CUCM 8.5 Upgrade for PUT only”. Use the PAK here. Under licence report all the licence should be there.
(6-2) Build the subscriber as normal.

to be continue………
Go Live day/night
1)System > Enterprise Parameters
Enable the CUCM Enterprise Parameter “Prepare Cluster for Rollback to pre-8.0.” to True. This will allow the phones to be rolled back to CM4 if needed. Do this before any phones are registered with the CM8 cluster! else you also need to “ON EACH NODE”:
Tools > Control Center – Network Services
Restart the Cisco Trust Verification Service
Restart the Cisco Tftp service
wait 5 min
Reset all Cisco Unified IP Phones (System > Enterprise Parameters > Reset)

(x) On voice gateway(s) change the following SCCP profile to new verstion of CM
sccp local GigabitEthernet0/0.101
sccp ccm identifier 1 version 4.1
sccp ccm identifier 2 version 4.1

before sub is added check that pub is sync with ntp “utils ntp status”

With Unity 4.x to Unity Con 8.x i just build Unity Conection on a server and will import the users. Read the migration manual and seems allot of work for little gain.
1) Build Unity Conection server and integrade to CM
2) Email Licensing with the unity licence files and your UCCS contract number. They will email you back the converted unity con licence
3) Go to and add the PAK from part code UNCN8-UTYMIG-K9 (Need to order it through the PUT tool with your UCCS contract number). This will give you the migration licence to add to unity con

Just a note on UCCX. If you upgrade from 8.0 to 8.5 the you need to order a upgrade licence through PUT. Part code:CCX-UPG-E-80-85K9= CCX ENH 8.0 to 8.5 ENH EUCSS Major Upgrade Dont need to do this for Unity or CM for the same verstion upgrade

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