Ascending and descending refer to *numerically* ascending or descending
“ascending” numerically (from channel 1 to channel N) means going “top down”.
“descending” numerically (the default; from channel N down to channel 1) means going “bottom up” on the ladder.

descending is 23-1 as is the default

Top Down = Assigned starting at channel 1 and working through the high end (23 on a T1 PRI)
Bottom Up = Assigned starting at channel 23 (T1 PRI) and working through to the low end

int s0/0/0:23
isdn bchann selection-order ?

show isdn status
debug isdn q931
debug isdn q921

To find out which channels are in service, which are out of service, use command,
sh isdn service.
sh isdn service

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