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Single server up to 500 users
7828 – One-rack unit (1RU), dual-disk array

Unity Connection 8.5
• Unified messaging
– Voice messages in Cisco Unity Connection and Microsoft Exchange mailboxes are synchronized in Exchange 2010 (also known as single inbox).
– You can access voice messages in your mobile email inbox, such as on BlackBerry smartphones.

• Cisco Unified Personal Communicator voicemail integration
– You can access your voice messages directly from the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator client.
– You can easily access presence and availability information about the person you are calling in the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator client; then you can click to call the person back and escalate to a web chat, video, or other multimedia session.

• Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox browser interface to voice messages
– You can view, sort, play, compose, forward, and reply to voice messages using the new HTML 5.0-based interface.
– Voice messages in the Cisco Unity Connection Inbox are synchronized with the MWI on your telephone.

• Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)-based email client to access voice messages
– You can access email and voicemail messages and play and delete voice messages from within the same desktop email client using the built-in ViewMail for Outlook or ViewMail for Notes player.
– Voice messages in your email inbox are synchronized with the MWI on your telephone.
– Various standards-based desktop email clients are supported, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Entourage for Mac.

A new ViewMail for Outlook plug-in provides unified messaging support for Outlook 2007 and 2010 and IMAP support for Outlook 2003.


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