Troubleshooting Voice GW

show dialplan number 'number' It will show you the ordered list of matched dial-peers for the number. If you have variable length dial-peers using .T add the ‘#’ char at the end. eg:show dialplan number 901315561234 or show dialplan number 901315561234 | inc VoiceOverIpPeer

debug voip dialpeer: Shows which inbound and outbound dial-peer has been matched after a call to the IOS gateway has been made.

debug voip ccapi inout: Show you what dial-peers are being matched on the IOS gateway and the state that the gateway is in during the processing of a particular call. It is also useful to see what codecs are being selected for each of the two call legs that represent the call.

debug voice translation: Display details of matching voice translation profiles that are invoked

debug sccp events: This command will let you know whether your media resources present on the IOS gateway are successfully registering to UCM/CME and also if they are being invoked during call processing.

debug ccsip messages: Display SIP messages sent between the IOS gateway and SIP phones, SIP Providers and also Unity Express.

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