MeetingPlace Delete Large Log files

Here is the process for freeing up a large log file in the /var partition:

-ssh into mpe server as mpxadmin
-“su” to root user
-“df -h” to see if the /var partition is getting full by % -“mpx_sys stop” this will stop services to ensure that files you manually edit are not being actively used by the system -“cd /var” to go to the var directory -“find /var -size +10000k -print0 | xargs -0 ls -lh” to list all files in /var over 10000k in size -log files with a .x where x is a number 1,2,3,etc are generally extraneous and can be deleted.
-“cd filepathname” to get to the directory of the file you want to remove -“rm filename” to remove the file -“mpx_sys restart” to restart services after file removal is done

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