CM Service Parameters

T302 is the interdigit timer.
15 seconds is too long and parameter is modified (7 seconds – 7000 milliseconds)

Transfer On-Hook Enabled
You dont have to press transfer twice when transfering a call to another phone

Max Forward UnRegistered Hops to DN
Change from 0 to 1

CFA CSS Activation Policy
??? Need to look into this???

Stop Routing on Unallocated Number Flag

For H323 change this to False if there is more then one H323 GW. This will route the call to another GW if the GW is having L1/L2 problems

G722 Codec Enable

Name says it all

Automated Alternate Routing Enable
enable AAR

Allow Peer to Preserve H.323 Calls
Calls will be maintained when keep alives between h323 and sccp phone have been dropt.
On H323 gw

#voice service voip
# h323
# call preserve

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