CallManager Route-Patterns for UK

The below is based on block on line and allow on device

9.[19][19][29] Route Emergency Services
[19][19][29] Route Emergency Services with no prefix
9.[2-9]XXXXX Route Local UK Calls
9.[2-9][0-9]XXXX Block Local UK Calls
9.0XXXXXXXX Route All 9 Digit Calls
9.0XXXXXXXXX Route All 10 Digit Calls
9.0XXXXXXXXXX Route All 11 Digit Calls
9.0[1-38][1-9]XXXXX Block All 9 Digit National Rate Calls
9.0[1-38][1-9]XXXXXX Block All 10 Digit National Rate Calls
9.0[1-38][1-9]XXXXXXX Block All 11 Digit National Rate Calls
9.07XXXXXXXXX Route All 11 Digit Mobile Calls
9.07[0-9]XXXXXXXX Block All 11 Digit Mobile Calls
9.1[059]X Route National and International Operator
9.1[059][0235] Block National and International Operator
9.00! Route International Calls
9.00[0-9]! Block International Calls
9.118XXX Route Premium Services
9.118[0-9]XX Block Premium Services
9.09! Route Premium Calls
9.09[0-9]! Block Premium Calls

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